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What is the I.A.C.?

The International Apostolic Council (IAC), founded by John G. Lake in 1914, is an association of ministers, ministries, and churches that have been established to work together for the advancement of the Gospel of The Kingdom of God as preached and demonstrated through Jesus Christ and His Apostles.

The IAC endeavors to advance the Kingdom of God by the preaching, teaching, and demonstrating of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and by the establishment of churches, ministerial training centers and theological schools. The IAC endeavors to maintain the unity of the Spirit by networking with other like-minded ministers, ministries, and churches.  The IAC is fully committed to the training, equipping and activation of believers to minister to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The IAC fully endorses ministries in local and foreign areas. The IAC is committed to supporting and training local and foreign believers through the establishment of ministry training centers, orphanages, and homes for widows and unwed mothers. Healing Homes and Healing Ministry Centers will be established in local and foreign areas.

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